Otter Tri: Our Goal

Otter Tri, and the healthy lifestyle our team encourages, aspire to make the sport of triathlon part of your child’s future. Our goal is to help youth and junior athletes gain a passion for triathlon.  We discourage specialization in triathlon at a young age and instead encourage children to compete in sports like water polo, soccer, surfing, tennis, basketball, mountain biking, swimming, cross country and track. For young athletes triathlon must be a form of play. While Otter Tri’s coaches have a history of producing elite level triathletes we make sure our athletes gain a love of triathlon over time in an environment where personal and athletic success is nurtured.
HPT_LogoOtter Tri is proud to be recognized by USA Triathlon as an official High Performance Team. We are the only team in the San Francisco Bay Area with this designation. Click Here for more information.

Why Triathlon

Triathlon is a great sport for those who love to swim, bike and run. (As long as an athlete can swim across the pool we can help them excel).

Triathlon is an Olympic sport and one of the world’s fastest growing sports.

Triathlon is now an NCAA sport for women and scholarships will soon be available.

Triathlon is a great way to stay in shape during the off season for all sports.

Take a trip! There are amazing new family friendly triathlon race destinations popping up around the world.

Open up your circle of friends.

Triathlon is a great way to stay active and have fun!