Triathlon Training


We wish that triathlon was not an expensive sport.  Unfortunately, that is not the case. Triathlon is an expensive sport.  Equipment such as bicycles, helmets, and speedos can be costly.  If your child is ready to race an open water triathlon, wetsuits are not cheap. We will do our utmost to watch costs and find retailers who will give our triathlon team discounts on equipment.  We will provide you with a full list of our retail sponsors who provide discounts to the triathlon team.

2018 triathlon season youth team dues are $150.00 for each athlete.  Triathlon team uniforms if needed are an additional expense but they will be sold at cost. For those athletes training for Monroe on the Senior and High School Teams the team dues are $350.00. You must be 13 in 2018 to race on the Senior Team.

All athletes are required to register with USAT.